Audio-Technica Products Shine at 2013 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show

Audio-Technica exhibited at the 11th Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show and showcased the latest products to visitors. During the three days of show, the integrated information desk and sales counter area was always packed with visitors either asking about product information, pricing or request for evaluation of the current models that they were interested in purchasing.

The design of our booth was divided into 5 zones, namely, the High-End Headphone Amplifiers demo room, the USB Turntable demo room, the ANC demo area, the 4 Headphone demo islands offering newer models as such headphone types as HiFi Headphones, portable Headphones, inner-earphones and iS versions of earphones as well as the information and retail counter. A show window simulating the design of a recording studio room showcased an AT5040 studio vocal mic and the 3 color variations of ATH-M50 series monitor headphones with a view to delivering message to visitors that AT also produces some award winning pro audio products.

The main product highlight was the ATH-HA5050H sample which was setup side by side with AT-HA5000 for visitors’ evaluation and comparison. Top of the line HiFi headphone models were setup for evaluating purposes. We received positive feedback from most people after evaluation of the AT-HA5050H sample. This sample apparently drew attention to HiFi fans and various invited media to report.

The USB turntable AT-LP1240-USB and AT95E were set up with speakers for playing back LP and also connection with a Macbook and an AT-HA40USB to playback a recorded session for monitoring through an ATH-PRO700MK2. Some newer model of cartridges such as AT5V, AT100E and AT-ART7 were also showcased.

The ANC demo area was set up with the addition of some newer models such as ATH-ANC29 and ATH-ANC33iS. Visitors could activate and deactivate the ANC function to experience the active noise canceling capability against the ambient noise as well as the engine noise from the speakers mounted on the wall.

Once again it was a successful show for Audio-Technica. Visitors and media representatives were impressed with the overall design of the booth and products showcased.

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