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20Q Series Patch Cord

Switchcraft premium 3-conductor single patch cords are designed for rugged, noise-free performance. Nickel-plated plugs eliminate the need for periodical cleaning which keeps your audio signals clear. Color cords provide instant visual identification with a choice of three lengths. All cables are fully shielded with rugged, braided thermoplastic outer jackets. Plug handles are black. Audio patch cords are available with other lengths and brass plugs, if desired. Contact Switchcraft for specifying assistance and cable length tolerances.

Nickel plated 1/4" long frame patchcords designed for use with our "MT" line of 1/4" long frame patchbays.

Part Number Cable Color / Length (feet)

20QD20N0 Black / 2 feet
20QD20N2 Red / 2 feet
20QD20N4 Yellow / 2 feet
20QD20N5 Green / 2 feet
20QD20N6 Blue / 2 feet

20QF20N0 Black / 3 feet
20QF20N2 Red / 3 feet
20QF20N4 Yellow / 3 feet
20QF20N5 Green / 3 feet
20QF20N6 Blue / 3 feet