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96 Point Audio Patchbay


Our number one selling TT Patchbay. Multiple normalling configurations, pre-tinned and offset solder lugs, cable tie bar, changeable designation strips, and the most rugged, long lasting TT jacks available make this patchbay an industry leader.

Frame: Steel, nickel-plated
Bushing: Nickel-plated copper alloy
Springs: Copper alloy solder lugs
Ground Terminal: Steel, tin electrodeposited
Switching Contacts: Welded, gold alloy inlay over palladium base
Insulation: Rigid plastic spacers, rigid PVC tubing through stack
Screws: Steel, plated 

Frame: Black anodized aluminum
Inserts: Polyester, glass filled, 94V-0
Cable Support Bar: Cold rolled steel, nickel-plated
Designation Strips: Thermoplastic, 94V-0 Designation Strip Covers: Clear thermoplastic, SE-1
Marking Strip: Rigid vinylite
Jack Mounting Screws: Steel, plated
Screws: Steel, black plated
Life: 30,000 cycles
Insertion Force: 7 lbs. maximum
Withdrawal Force: 1 lb. minimum
Operating: 0°C to +50°C
Contact Resistance: 30 milliohms maximum initial
Insulation Resistance: 10,000 megohms maximum
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 500V at 60 Hz AC
Working Voltage: 140 VDC maximum
Current Rating: 100 milliamps

  • audio technica TTP96ASFNX