True Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones


Innovative Sound for an Immersive
Listening Experience

  • Two small noise-cancelling MEMS microphones with hybrid digital noise-cancelling technology to effectively eliminate unwanted sounds and maximize noise-cancelling performance
  • Compact design and soft texture ensure a comfortable and secure fit, while the snug fit provides superior sound isolation and prevents any sound leakage
  • Built-in microphones capture ambient sounds, and the hear-through function allows users can remain aware of surroundings while wearing the headphones
  • Talk-through function enables smooth communication and captures ambient sounds while enhancing the vocal bandwidth
  • Two call modes are available: Natural Mode for quiet indoor environments, and Noise-Reduction Mode for clear calls even when outdoors or in other noisy environments. Voice pitch and clarity can be tested through the Connect app on your phone
  • Small, high-performance MEMS microphones are strategically placed in two positions. Beamforming technology enables clear transmission of voice in noisy environments and is easily muted via built-in controls
  • Multipoint support for two simultaneous connections to two Bluetooth devices, with easy switching between them
  • LDAC codec support enables take advantage of transmissions at up to 96 kHz/24 bit wide-band, high-dynamic-range sound comparable to the source data
  • Compact 5.8mm driver design achieves an optimal balance of audio quality and noise reduction, providing clear high-frequency range and improved sound details
  • Use the Connect app to listen to the relaxing sounds of nature that promote relaxation and calmness, offering healing sounds for rejuvenation and meditation
  • Private Timer function ensures that notifications are only heard by the person wearing the headphones, aiding in managing work or rest time
  • Enjoy up to 6.5 hours of continuous playback up to 20 hours with charging case, or turn noise-cancelling off to get up to 7.5 hours and 24 hours with charging case
  • Charging case supports Qi wireless charging and can be charged using USB cable. Fast charging allows for about 60 minutes of use with 15 minutes of charging in the case
  • The headphones have a protection rating equivalent to IPX4 (for headphones only), ensuring they remain unaffected by rain showers or when exercising

    The truly wireless ATH-TWX7 noise-cancelling headphones offer the freedom to customize your sound space on the go, and support for the LDAC codec ensures high-quality, high-resolution wireless sound. These compact headphones have an easy-to-wear, elegant design that fits comfortably in all ear shapes, while the reliable fit ensures a high level of comfort for business or pleasure.

    The headphones are equipped with a variety of useful features for everyday use, including a hear-through function that lets you catch ambient sounds even during use, and a talk-through function that enables you to hear announcements such as at convenience stores and train stations. Designed for advanced communication performance, the headphones include two call quality modes for a variety of situations, from catching up with friends and family to participating in conference calls. The unique soundscape function also allows users to listen to relaxing sounds for improved concentration and rest, including high-quality sounds of nature.

    • audio technica ATH-TWX7
    • audio technica ATH-TWX7
    • audio technica ATH-TWX7
    • audio technica ATH-TWX7
    • audio technica ATH-TWX7
    • audio technica ATH-TWX7
  • ATH-TWX7 Bluetooth Specifications

    Communication Systems

    Bluetooth Version.5.1

    RF Power Output

    12 mW EIRP

    Operating Range

    Line of sght approx. 10m

    Operating Frequencies

    2.4GHz band (2.402GHz ~ 2.480GHz)

    Modulation Mode


    Spread Spectrum Method


    Bluetooth Profile Support


    Audio Codec Support


    Content Protection


    Sample Rate

    44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz (When using LDAC)

    Bit Depth

    16 bit, 24 bit (When using LDAC)

    Frequency Range

    10 ~ 47,000 Hz (when LDAC 96kHz sampling)
    20 ~ 20,000 Hz

    ATH-TWX7 Specifications (Headphones)



    Driver Diameter

    Ø5.8 mm


    100 dB/mW

    Frequency Response

    10 ~ 40,000 Hz


    16 Ω

    Power Supply

    Headphones: DC 3.85 V lithium ion battery;
    Charging case: DC 3.85 V lithium polymer battery

    Charge Time

    Headphones: Approx. 1.5 hours
    Charging case: Approx. 3.0 hours(USB charging), Approx. 5.0 hours (wireless charging)

    Operating Time

    Continuous music playback -
    Max. approx. 6.5 hrs (headphones with ANC On);
    Max. approx. 7.5 hrs (headphones with ANC Off);
    Max. approx. 20 hrs (headphones + charging case with ANC On);
    Max. approx. 24 hrs (headphones + charging case with ANC Off)


    Headphones (Both L and R): Approx. 4.7 g / Charging case: Approx. 47.5 g

    Waterproof Rating

    IPX4 (Headphones only)

    Operating Temperature Range

    5℃ ~ 40℃

    Accessories Furnished

    USB charging cable (30 cm USB-A / USB-C)
    Soft earpiece (XS, S, M, L); Normal earpiece (XS, S, M, L)


    ATH-TWX7 BK (Black),
    ATH-TWX7 WH (White)

    ATH-TWX7 Specifications (Microphone)


    MEMS type

    Polar Pattern


    Frequency Response

    100 ~ 16,000 Hz


    -38dB (1V/pa at 1kHz)


    audio technica support ATH-TWX7_CG.pdf - ATH-TWX7 Caution Guide
    audio technica support ATH-TWX7_QSG.pdf - ATH-TWX7 Quick Start Guide
    audio technica support ATH-TWX7-UM-EN.pdf - ATH-TWX7 User Manual
    audio technica support ATH-TWX7-UM-TC.pdf - ATH-TWX7 User Manual (Chinese)