XLR Plug Interconnect Cables


Experience outstanding
audio capacity

  • Transmission with minimal signal loss and distortion, let signals pass without clouding them, just like a clear stream
  • PCUHD + HYPER OFC hybrid conductor delivers powerful low-frequency expression and an unprecedented audio space experience
  • High-temperature heat treatment effectively removes residual stress inside cables
  • Shielded single-sided grounding to reduce the influence of ground noise loops
  • Double shielding of strong copper tape and braided shield can block external noise and improves S/N ratio
  • Neutrik XLR connectors with a world-class reputation for reliability are used

    FLUAT series audio cables embody our continued commitment as a manufacturer of sound transducers to the pursuit of discerning sound quality and performance that can meet the needs of modern audio equipment.

    The FLUAT 500 series will be expanded as part of our new standard lineup. Keeping the development concept, the FLUAT 500 puts emphasis on low frequencies with a tight and voluminous feel that manifests as clear sound expression.

    This AT-IC500X with XLR connectors for balanced transmission.

  • AT-IC500X Specifications

    Conductor Impedance

    40 mΩ/m


    66 pF/m (core wire - core wire);
    130 pF/m (core wire - shield+ground wire)

    Connecting Terminals

    XLR connector
    GND (pin 1), HOT (pin 2), COLD (pin 3)


    AT-IC700X/0.7 : 0.7 m;
    AT-IC700X/1.3 : 1.3 m;
    AT-IC700X/2.0 : 2.0 m


    audio technica support AT-IC500_UM.pdf - AT-IC500X User Manual