Link Extender

  • Connects to any Audio Technica device, such as a control unit (ATUC-50CU), or discussion unit (ATUC-50DU), and is equipped with two RJ-45 terminals that can expand the discussion system
  • Remote mode that automatically starts from the control unit (ATUC-50CU)
  • Has a standalone mode that can be started by operating the front panel
  • Equipped with GPO terminal that notifies external devices when an overcurrent (2.6 A) is detected in the power supplied from RJ-45 terminals


  • ATLK-EXT165 Specifications

    Connecting Terminals

    Euroblock connector (3 pins)
    DU/CU connecter terminals (RJ-45 × 2)

    Power Supply

    100 - 240 VAC,50/60 Hz

    Current / Power Consumption

    15 - 160 W (max.); 50 ATUC-50DUs is equivalent to 2.55 A

    Operating Temperature Range



    217mm(W) × 326mm(D) × 41mm(H)


    2.2 kg

    Accessories Furnished

    Quick Start Guide, Euroblock connector × 1 (black), table mount, warranty


    audio technica support ATLK-EXT165_OM.pdf - ATLK-EXT165 Quick Start Guide
    audio technica support ATLK-EXT165_SS.dwg - ATLK-EXT165 Appearance (DWG)
    audio technica support ATLK-EXT165_SS.pdf - ATLK-EXT165 Appearance (PDF)