Inner type high-density vibration controllers LITE


A high-density damping material of high specific gravity (1.7) which adopted high-performance virgin butyl rubber.

  • By adopting virgin butyl rubber which boasts high specific gravity and high heat resistance compared with general butyl rubber, it exhibits high effect in small area.
  • Because of the high follow-up to the tacky and uneven, do not need to use a heat gun for construction.
  • Stable performance against high and low temperatures can be provided, possible to minimize the variation in the damping characteristic due to season.
  • For butyl rubber arrive specific stickiness is small, it is difficult to dirty hands at the time of work, easy to cut with scissors.

  • Size : 500×250mm t=1.6mm
  • Weight : Approx. 360g (1 piece)
  • AT7450 : 2 pieces / pack
  • AT7450P20 : 20 pieces / pack