Quint Hybrid Loudspeaker Cable


New blend of five high-quality conductors "Rexat" Quint hybrid loudspeaker cable.

  • Adopt a Quint hybrid conductor combined gold clad 6n + gold clad OFC + PC-TripleC + 6N-OFC + OFC.
  • Soft cable easy to handle more installation.
  • Maximum 90°C of heat-resistant specification.
  • Attenuation of harmful vibration HYBRAR + Magnesium Whisker + Titanium with Leostomer triple insulation system.
  • Parallel structure manageable by powerful and delicate sound.
  • Touched only in the + and - can be identified.

  • Static capacity : 30pF/m
  • DC impedance : 5mΩ/m
  • Conductor cross-sectional area : 2.2mm2, equivalent to 14AWG
  • Conductor set diameter : approx. 1.8mm