PC-TripleC + OFC Hybrid Audio Cable


PC-TripleC + OFC high bass playing in the wide sense, and improved range resolution.

  • Low sound in the wide sense features OFC conductors, high in addition to improve resolution of PC-TripleC conductors, responded to a wide range of frequencies.
  • Strong double-shield of copper tape + braided shield.
  • Attenuation of harmful vibration HYBRAR + Magnesium Whisker + Titanium sheets Leostomer + Hanenite stabilizer Quattro hybrid insulation system.
  • With excellent damping to the brass ring, improved stiffness and effective.
  • With gold plated contacts, high durability and high reliability.
  • Up to Max 90°C of heat-resistant specification.

  • Static capacity : 167pF/m
  • Core impedance : 44mΩ/m