Audio-Technica Launches ATH-TWX7-The Noise-Cancelling Wireless Earbuds for Immersive Listening

Audio-Technica Launches ATH-TWX7 - The Noise-Cancelling Wireless Earbuds for Immersive Listening

Headphones are more than just devices for listening. They are also smart devices that can enhance our daily lives. Whether we want to enjoy music, games, videos, or make calls and video conferences, we need headphones that can deliver crisp and clear sound, reliable connection, comfortable fit, and versatile features. The ATH-TWX7 is designed with this purpose in mind.

The ATH-TWX7’s 5.8 mm drivers are borrowed from the flagship ATH-TWX9 headphones, allowing for a compact design with an excellent fit and clear audio. Experience the ideal balance of uncompromised sound quality and advanced noise-cancelling for a clearer high-frequency range, an improved sound detail, and an intimate listening environment.

The ATH-TWX7 allows you to customize the sound space while you travel, and it also supports LDAC codec to ensure high-quality, high-resolution wireless sound. These compact headphones feature an easy-to-wear design that fits a variety of ear shapes and provide a comfortable fit for both business and entertainment.

The ATH-TWX7 is equipped with a variety of useful features for everyday use, including: a hear-through function that lets you catch ambient sounds even during use, a talk-through function that enables you to hear announcements such as at convenience stores and train stations, and two call quality modes for a variety of situations. The ATH-TWX7 is designed for advanced communication performance, and the call quality modes allow you to switch between catching up with friends and family or participating in conference calls.

The unique soundscape function, also allows users to listen to relaxing sounds for improved concentration and rest, including high-quality sounds of nature. Create a personalized listening experience with the ATH-TWX7 headphones.

The charging case of ATH-TWX7 supports Qi wireless charging. It provides up to 6.5 hours of use from each earbud when fully charged, even with noise-cancelling turned on. Alternatively, you can get 20 hours of use with both the earbuds and charging case fully charged. If you turn noise-cancelling off, you can get up to 7.5 hours of use from each earbud or 24 hours of use with the charging case.

Other features include: support for Low Latency Mode, multipoint support, wear detection, sidetone function, equalizer, single-ear usability, fast-charging support, and IPX4 rain and water-splashproof.

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