Audio-Technica’s NARUKAMI High-End Audio System at the 2023 Autumn Headphone Festival

Audio-Technica’s NARUKAMI High-End Audio System at the "2023 Autumn Headphone Festival" in Tokyo.

Tokyo, October 28, 2023: Audio-Technica unveiled its highly anticipated high-end audio system, NARUKAMI, at the 2023 Autumn Headphone Festival. This was the first time that NARUKAMI was showcased in Japan, with the product design engineer, Mr. Irii (left), and the general manager of engineering administrative, Mr. Takeichi (right), introducing the system to the audience. The event also announced that NARUKAMI’s Kurogaki wood series- HPA-KG NARU will officially start accepting orders at 10:00, Monday, November 20th, 2023.

The Kurogaki wood series comprises the HPA-KG NARU headphone amplifier/pre-amplifier and AW-KG NARU headphones. NARUKAMI is a project that aims to demonstrate Audio-Technica’s spirit of continuous innovation over the past sixty years and convey its profound understanding and mastery of sound. The name “NARUKAMI” comes from Japanese traditional culture, where “God of Thunder” represents a manifestation of natural force, symbolizing the power and beauty of sound in harmony with nature.

NARUKAMI had previously made its debut at the “2023 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show” in August and later appeared at the “HiEnd Asia Singapore 2023” in October, garnering immense attention. The “2023 Autumn Headphone Festival” in Tokyo, marked the first exhibition of the NARUKAMI in Japan, which quickly filled up the audition slots and attracted numerous audiophiles to experience the exceptional sound quality of HPA-KG NARU and AW-KG NARU.

Besides offering the audition experiences, the exhibition hall displayed component of the HPA-KG NARU. Visitors had an opportunity to appreciate closely the details and unique features of HPA-KG NARU.

Audio-Technica will launch another specification of ATH-AWKG Kurogaki wood headphones: designed to offer audiophiles an exceptional opportunity to experience the precious and rare black persimmon wood (KUROGAKI). ATH-AWKG use the same wood and craftsmanship as AW-KG NARU.

To highlight its history of making professional-monitor headphones, the Audio-Technica set up a booth in the exhibition room that displayed the limited-edition colors of the year for the ATH-M50x models. This allows guests to take a look at these limited-edition variants from past generations.

Please visit the NARUKAMI website: for more details.

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