2019 China Exhibition Highlights

2019 China Exhibition Highlights

Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2019
February 24 ~ 27, 2019 Audio-Technica exhibited numerous new products at Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Complex, Area A. The exhibition theme focused on “Unlimited potential for wireless innovation”, exhibits included the latest wireless system, Engineered Sound microphones, instrument microphones solution, etc. The exhibition attracted attention of dealers, medias, visitors from all over the country.

The newly launched 3000 series frequency-agile true diversity UHF Wireless System is a great option for use in schools, halls and small theatres. The new model 5000 series frequency-agile true diversity UHF Wireless System is designed for use on professional tours, in stadiums, concert halls, houses of worship and other demanding audio environments which provide more functionality in an increasingly congested RF environment.

ES modular engineered sound microphone system was first exhibited in China. The new Engineered Sound series offers increased flexibility, enabling a business to customise its audio setup to suit its specific needs. It can be compatible with both digital and analog conference systems. Besides, based on the needs of small and medium-sized conferences, the specially designed ES954 Hanging Microphone Array was introduced. The microphone array can be adjusted according to the needs of the conference.

Among them, the ATM350a cardioid condenser microphone attracted special attention. The variety of instruments provide different solutions, whether they are Western musical instrument series or other instruments.

AAITF 2019 - The 18th China International Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning (Spring) Trade Fair
From 27 Feb to 1 March 2019, Audio-Technica exhibited a wide range of car audio accessories at the 18th China International Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning Trade Fair 2019 (AAITF) at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, at booth 80951A.  

Besides showing classical car audio products, Audio-Technica also exhibited its debut car audio accessories: namely AT-RX5500S hybrid loudspeaker cable, AT-RX100 voltage stabilizer, and AT-RX97USB sound control adapter. 

AT-RX5500 series cable
Demonstration of AT-RX100 voltage stabilizer

AT-RX97USB sound control adapter (NEW)

CES Asia 2019
11-13 June 2019, Audio-Technica exhibited this year’s new products and classical product for audiophile at N1 hall #1250. We showcased a private HIFI trial listening room for audiophiles to try our headphones, Exhibited the classic flagship cartridges and turntables, and TRUE wireless headphones.

Infocomm China 2019
Beijing InfoComm China 2019 took place in a grand way from 17-19 July 2019, Audio-Technica exhibited the new wireless conference system, Digital Conference System, and the first choice of leading contractors microphones- Engineered Sound series. Bringing the new era of digital conference systems.

Since Audio-Technica’s launch of the 3000 and 5000 series wireless systems last year, to further meet the users’ requirement, Audio-Technica has now launched the latest 3000 Digital Series Professional UHF Wireless Systems for users. This new series adopts a newly developed unique codec, reduces the intermodulation distortion, and supports up to 10 instantaneous channels at 375kHz and 15-24 instantaneous channels at 250kHz in HD mode.

In addition to the above new launches products, the event also exhibited the new Engineering Sound microphones series. The ES series comprises of 4 different microphone elements, 6 different length goosenecks and 4 power modules all of which are interchangeable.

Audio Technica has been consistently developing high quality, high performance and cost-effective products for clients. We tailor make more stable audio solutions and provide the best services. We will continue to focus on innovation and provide better sound experiences for our clients.

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