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Hybrid Structure Insulators (Set of 6)


  • Authentic design of 4 layer hybrid structure.
  • Compact size is corresponding to AV devices.
  • Special rubber vibration isolator "HANENAITO" and "SORUBOSEIN" are arranged effectively. Unnecessary vibration is restrained effectively.
  • The brass shaving most suitable for sound tuning is adopted as base material.
  • The dimple structure which makes the insulator lower part spread vibration.
  • The safety design is also used to slippery by lighter equipment.
  • It is possible widely using from 3 points mounted of loudspeaker to 6 points support of equipment.

    * This product wiil not provide warranty service.

    AT6099 Isolators are 4 layer hybrid structure with anti-vibration rubber and brass that feet designed for use with audio and video high fidelity components such as CD and DVD players, turntables, amplifiers, preamps, loudspeakers and video components.